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May 4, 2017 / Press

Richmond Debate Watch Party

Join us in Richmond at Roma Ristorante Italiano to watch the People's Debate and cheer on Ralph as he shares his progressive vision for Virginia. Stick around after the debate is over, so Ralph can come by and thank you for your support! Read post
May 4, 2017 / Press

Generation X and Millennials for Ralph Meet and Greet

Join Ralph, Senator Jennifer McClellan, and other Generation X and Millennial supporters for a meet and greet in Richmond. Read post
May 4, 2017 / Press

Trump’s Silent Partner Ed Gillespie Won’t Stand Up for Virginians’ Health Care

Donald Trump’s silent partner Ed Gillespie has proven one thing today — even when lives could be on the line, he won’t stand up for Virginia. Read post
May 4, 2017 / Press

Northam Calls AHCA Passage “Unprincipled Cruelty”

Today, House Republicans voted to cement the notion that in America, your life’s worth is your net worth. This is the most spineless, unprincipled cruelty that I have ever seen come from a legislative body. Read post
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