Ralph Northam's plan for

Campaign finance reform

Virginia’s campaign finance system needs reform.

That’s why Ralph Northam has proposed a series of reforms, including banning corporate contributions and capping contributions to candidates at $10,000 from all donors except political party committees.

Previously, Ralph proposed the DISCLOSE Act, which would require dark money groups—regardless of their tax status—to disclose their contributors if they spend money to influence Virginia’s elections.

Making fair districts

  • Make sure all districts in the commonwealth of Virginia are drawn fairly. Ralph supports having a non-partisan commission draw district lines to ensure maps are drawn in an independent manner that does not benefit any political party.
  • Veto any gerrymandered maps that are not drawn fairly to allow voters to pick their representatives, rather than representatives picking their voters

Campaign contributions

  • Banning contributions to candidates or committees from corporations and businesses
  • Capping contributions at $10,000 from all donors except political party committees

Increasing transparency

  • Mandate donor disclosure for nonprofits seeking to influence Virginia’s elections. Virginia voters deserve to know who is trying to influence Virginia’s elections so they can make a well-informed decision at the voting booth. Mandating donor disclosures for nonprofit groups will bring much needed transparency to campaign finance and allow voters to make a well-informed decision on Election Day.
  • Supporting a federal constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United
  • Banning personal use of campaign funds to ensure that candidates do not use campaign money for personal reasons.


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