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VIDEO: Lt. Governor Northam Strongly Opposes 20 Week Abortion Bill in Ohio, Warns The Same Could Happen in VA

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December 15, 2016
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VIDEO: Lt. Governor Northam Strongly Opposes 20 Week Abortion Bill in Ohio, Warns The Same Could Happen in VA

Richmond, VA – On Tuesday, Ohio Gov. John Kasich signed anti-choice legislation that takes away a woman’s constitutional right to choose after twenty weeks of pregnancy. Although not signed into law, the Ohio legislature passed an even more extreme bill that would have banned abortion after only six weeks of pregnancy.

These bills constitute some of the most extreme attacks on the ability of women to make their own healthcare decisions, and Virginia Republicans seem to be taking a page out of the Ohio GOP’s playbook.

Del. Dave LaRock has prefiled legislation mirroring the Ohio bill banning abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy.

Last Saturday, Lt. Governor Ralph Northam spoke to the Democratic Central Committee. He forcefully opposed any law that implements such a ban and puts legislators between a woman and her doctor.

“Politicians keep trying to make personal medical decisions on behalf of women and their doctors,” said Lt. Governor Northam. “We cannot go back to the days before Roe vs Wade. Virginia needs to be welcoming and open for business, including protecting women’s access to reproductive healthcare.”

You can find the full transcript below, and the video here:

Northam: But I want to tell you what happened yesterday in Ohio. I don’t know if anybody’s been looking at the news. Yesterday, they passed a bill in Ohio that says that you cannot do an abortion after 20 weeks, even – even if a physician like me sits down with the mother and father and says that your child is no longer viable. What they just did in Ohio, they said that they’re going to get between the doctor and the patient, and saying despite your discussion, despite what you want to do, we’re going to make you continue to carry that fetus that is no longer viable that will not be able to take in a breath of oxygen, but we’re going to make you carry to term. Is that right? I mean. And let me just tell you one more bill that passed in Ohio yesterday, it’s called the Heartbeat Bill. That means that there cannot be abortions after six weeks of age. Now again, for you men, I know you don’t understand this, but this is between me and the women. How many women do you think know that they’re pregnant when they’re five or six weeks pregnant? That’s missing just one cycle. That happens all the time. But what they want to do in Ohio is essentially ban abortions. We cannot go back to the days before Roe v. Wade, we cannot let that happen.


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