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March 10, 2017 / Policy, Press

Ralph Northam Calls for Reinstatement of Virginia “One Gun A Month” Policy

Today, Lieutenant Governor Northam called for the reinstatement of Virginia’s one gun a month policy, which prohibits the purchase of more than one gun per person in any 30-day period. Read post
March 7, 2017 / Press

Northam Slams GOP’s “Despicable Effort” to End Private Abortion Coverage

This is a despicable effort to bar women from accessing the quality, affordable healthcare. Rolling back the clock on Roe v. Wade will have real-life, adverse effects on women’s health outcomes across the board. Read post
March 6, 2017 / Policy, Press

Lt. Governor Northam Calls On All Gubernatorial Candidates To Commit to Nonpartisan Redistricting

Ralph Northam is calling on all gubernatorial candidates to commit to a nonpartisan redistricting plan. Read post
February 28, 2017 / Press

Price named Northam for Governor campaign chair

My name is Marcia "Cia" Price and I represent the 95th District in the Virginia House of Delegates. For the last decade, I have been fighting for social justice, equality and fairness in our great Commonwealth. This year, I am going to be fighting for Ralph Northam as the Chair of his campaign for Read post
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