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September 25, 2017 / Press

Graham-Cassidy Fails “The Northam Test”

Dr. Ralph Northam, who has served as an assistant professor of neurology at Eastern Virginia Medical School where he taught medical ethics, has declared that the Republicans’ latest version of Trumpcare fails “the Northam Test.” Read post
September 20, 2017 / Press

STATEMENT: Desperate Ed Gillespie Launches Disgusting Smear Campaign Against Northam

Today, the Ed Gillespie campaign a launched a blatantly misleading ad in the vein of the infamous “Willie Horton” attack ad, which was later disavowed by its creator on his deathbed for its racism. Read post
September 20, 2017 / Press

NEW VIDEO: In Last Night’s Debate, Northam Beats Gillespie By A Country Mile

Following last night’s debate, the Northam for Governor campaign released a new video highlighting the key moments from the first televised contest between Dr. Ralph Northam and Ed Gillespie. Read post
September 20, 2017 / Press

Northam for Governor To Air New Ad “Enron Ed”

Today, the Northam for Governor campaign announced it will begin airing a new ad entitled “Enron Ed”. Ed Gillespie’s career in lobbying has proven him to be the biggest gator in the DC swamp, pocketing millions of dollars helping wealthy corporations that harmed Virginians and sent jobs overseas. Read post
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