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About Ralph Northam

"As a former Army doctor who cared for our soldiers during the Persian Gulf War and a practicing physician who treats Virginia’s children, I believe listening to the needs of patients is what makes a great doctor. As Lieutenant Governor, I take the same approach to serving the Commonwealth."

Dr. Ralph Northam grew up working on the Chesapeake Bay before attending Virginia Military Institute, where he graduated with distinction and was President of the Honor Court. After graduating from Eastern Virginia Medical School, Dr. Northam served eight years of active duty in the United States Army, rising to the rank of Major. Upon his return from treating soldiers injured in Desert Storm, Dr. Northam began practicing pediatric neurology at Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters in Norfolk. Dr. Northam also serves as Assistant Professor of Neurology at Eastern Virginia Medical School and has seventeen years of volunteer services as Medical Director for the Edmarc Hospice for Children in Portsmouth.

Dr. Northam ran for State Senator promising to approach public service with the same passion and focus on results that he served with in the military and as a doctor. He believed--as he does now--that you reach across the aisle to get things done without ever compromising your core beliefs and always by fighting for what's right. That's why Dr. Northam led the fight against the now infamous transvaginal ultrasound bill that Ken Cuccinelli and his allies tried to impose on Virginia women.

"As Lieutenant Governor, I am proud to support progress for all Virginians. During the past two legislative sessions, I cast tie-breaking votes to ban employment discrimination based on sexual orientation in state government, to repeal the infamous and medically unnecessary ultrasound mandate, and to raise the minimum wage for working Virginians."

In addition to his responsibilities as the tie breaking vote in the Senate, Lt. Governor Northam has been a proud voice in favor of Medicaid expansion because he believes that Republicans have placed themselves on the wrong side of history by putting partisan politics before the health of up to 400,000 hard-working Virginians – 15,000 of whom are veterans – and an estimated 30,000 new jobs.

Serving on the Virginia Economic Development Partnership board, he has worked with Governor McAuliffe to attract new companies, create jobs, and build a New Virginia economy.

Dr. Northam also chairs the Commonwealth Council on Childhood Success where he helped secure a federal grant to create over 3,000 pre-K education spots for children in low-income families and advocated for greater access to pre-natal care. He also chairs the Governor’s Task Force on Improving Mental Health Services and Crisis Response and led a team tasked with identifying challenges and suggesting improvements to the state’s complex system of mental health services.

"With your continued help, I'll keep doing the right thing for Virginia families no matter who or what stands in the way because I've always taken service seriously and I always will."